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Tomatillo Physalis Philadelphica


The tomatillo, also known as husk-tomato (Physalis philadelphica), holds a rich culinary history deeply rooted in Mesoamerica. Cultivated in Mexico and Guatemala, its presence in the diet dates back to pre-Columbian times, with archaeological evidence revealing its use in the valley of Tehuacán as early as 900 BC–AD 1540. Today, the tomatillo remains a vital element in the Mexican and Guatemalan cuisine.

Approximately 8-10 Seeds

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Sowing & Growing

Begin by planting the seeds in shallow trays with compost, either in a propagator or on a sunny windowsill in March. Once they reach a height of about 5cm (2 inches), transplant them into small pots. Move them to their final outdoor growing spots in late May or June, ensuring the danger of frost has passed. These robust plants thrive best in full sun within a warm, sheltered location. Space them approximately 1m (40 inches) apart to allow for ample branching. While they are highly productive, consider planting at least two to ensure effective pollination, as tomatillo bushes benefit from proximity to a companion.

As your tomatillos reach around 30cm (12 inches) in height, they will naturally sprawl on their sides, deviating from their initial upright shape. This phase involves the central stem touching the soil, prompting the growth of numerous lateral roots and prolific fruit-bearing shoots. Expect a substantial increase in fruit production from these lateral branches, typically four to five times more. If possible, cultivate tomatillos in open ground rather than pots, allowing them the space to spread out. They respond positively to a high potash feed, resulting in even greater fruit yields.

Tomatillos are ready for harvest at various stages between the size of a walnut and a medium-sized tomato, specifically when their lantern-like casings begin to split but while the fruit is still green. Remarkably, each plant can yield up to an astonishing 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of fruit before the arrival of the first frosts!

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Approximately 8-10 Seeds

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