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French Beans

French Beans

French Beans, just like many types of beans, are perfect for beginners. These plants produce bountiful harvests and become colourful, ornamental additions to your garden or greenhouse. 

Explore our entire range of seeds—from compact dwarf varieties ideal for pots and containers to climbing French beans that twine elegantly around supportive canes. Pick the pods regularly to encourage a steady supply of homegrown produce.

Begin growing French Beans from seed.

There are two types of French beans: climbing and dwarf. Although different in size, they both work well in small spaces as they grow upright. 

Dwarf Beans are quick to grow but only crop for a few weeks, so you’ll need to make repeat sowings to ensure a steady supply throughout the summer. Climbing beans, on the other hand, take longer to start producing. However, once they begin, you can expect beans from mid-summer to early autumn as long as you pick them regularly.

Sow seeds either indoors or outside. 

For outdoor sowing, aim for late spring or early summer. However, sowing indoors during the warm spring months can give your plants a head start, helping them crop earlier – this point is especially true for climbing beans. Remember, climbing French beans will need tall supports to twine up. You can similarly reinforce dwarf beans by placing short sticks between the plants, keeping them upright and preventing pods from touching the soil. 

Explore our wide variety of seeds and follow the sowing instructions on each product listing. For additional tips and guidance, turn to our handy Sowing Calendar.