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Responsible Seed Traders

Did you know the average person only plants around 20 cabbages a year or about 100 carrots? Often to buy these seeds you’re got to buy more for a decent price or buy less for a premium price.

As responsible seed traders with decades of experience behind us, we decided to do something about it to give the average gardener much more choice and much more value, without compromising on quality.

All our seed is responsibly sourced from growers fully registered with DEFRA and packed right here in the United Kingdom and it’s our ambition to help as many gardeners as possible, from people just starting out to seasoned veterans, to gardening clubs and schools. We ourselves are registered with Defra 7529

Budget Seeds is part of Pretty Wild Seeds Ltd.

Why Are The Seeds So Cheap?

At Budget Seeds, our mission extends beyond merely assisting gardeners; we’re here to serve a diverse spectrum of enthusiasts, from novice gardeners taking their first steps into the world of cultivation to seasoned experts with well-tended allotments. Our passion lies in ensuring that everyone, regardless of their gardening experience, can access high-quality seeds at affordable prices.

Amidst our continuous growth and the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, we recognized the need to expand our seed supplies significantly to meet the ever-growing demand. To fulfil this commitment, we simplified our product offerings, placing a heightened focus on the seeds themselves, while acknowledging that the cost of packaging can often be a significant barrier.

Understanding the importance of quality and affordability, we made a substantial investment in state-of-the-art equipment to minimize packaging costs without compromising the excellence of our seeds. We took meticulous care to ensure that our seeds maintained the highest quality standards while benefiting from reduced packaging costs. This dedication allows us to passionately pass on these savings to you – one of our valued customers – creating a sense of empowerment and excitement for gardeners and allotment holders alike. With Budget Seeds, you can embark on your gardening journey, whether you’re just starting or have been nurturing your green space for years, with confidence and enthusiasm