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Tomato Big Daddy


‘Big Daddy’ is a low-maintenance, disease-resistant variety that offers an extended harvest season. This cultivar produces a generous yield of large, delicious, meaty, ruby-red fruits.

Approximately 8-10 Seeds

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Useful Information

Sowing & Growing

Start off indoors by sowing the seeds onto moist, well-drained seed compost, covering them lightly with soil. Use gentle heat for propagation, and anticipate germination within 7-14 days. Once the seedlings boast 2 true leaves, transplant them into 8cm pots, maintaining a minimum temperature of 15°C. Acclimate the plants, and after the risk of frost has subsided, proceed to plant them outdoors, either with three per grow bag or with 60cm spacing.

For those sowing in an unheated greenhouse, follow the same process but postpone planting until March or April. Growing these plants is straightforward; ensure the soil remains consistently moist and feed them with a high potash plant food once fruit appears. They can thrive both outdoors and in a greenhouse.

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Approximately 8-10 Seeds

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