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Tomato Golden Sunrise


Golden Sunrise belongs to the cordon variety, yielding stunning golden yellow fruits that many consider the most flavourful tomatoes. These medium-sized, fleshy fruits mature early and abundantly, boasting a deliciously sweet and fruity flavour. Their vibrant colour makes them a visually striking addition to any summer salad.

Approximately 8-10 Seeds

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Useful Information

Sowing & Growing

For optimal growth, sow seeds from January to April for a July to October maturity. Plant seeds under glass, burying them 0.5cm (1/4 in) deep in pots or trays filled with quality seed sowing compost. Lightly cover with a sprinkling of vermiculite or compost and place containers in a propagator at a temperature of 18–21°C. Once seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant them into 9cm (3 1/2in) pots.

Further transplantation options include placing them in greenhouse border soil, individual large pots, or three plants per growbag when they reach a height of 20cm (8in). Outdoor planting is also feasible once the risk of frost has passed. To ensure optimal yields, engage in side shooting and provide support for the plants. Regularly water and feed the plants with a high potash feed once the first truss has set. If grown outdoors, pinch out the growing tip after 4-5 trusses of fruit have set.

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Packet Size

Approximately 8-10 Seeds

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