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Habanero Yellow Chilli


This incredibly hot pepper is around 40 times hotter than a Jalapeno. The small 1-inch long and 1 ½ inch wide pepper is wrinkled and thin-walled.

Approximately 10 Seeds

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Useful Information

Sowing & Growing

Sow Chilli seeds in a greenhouse from early February to April. They need warmth and a long period of time to fruit. They can be sown outside from early April in warmer southern parts of the country but they will need lots of sustained heat to produce a good crop, so it is better to sow indoors.

Chillies originate from South America so they like it hot and their optimum germination temperature is between 27°C-32°C, although some can grow if temperatures are above 21°C but germination is more erratic. Use a loam based seed & potting-on compost as chillies like good drainage. A number of seeds can be sown into a seed tray or pot 5mm deep and then pricked out and potted on when 2 true leaves have grown. (True leaves are the second set of leaves to form).

The plant should be carefully lifted by the true leaves and not the stem to prevent damage. I support the root system by holding a plant label underneath whilst holding the true leaves. Best results are achieved by placing the tray/pot into a thermostatically-controlled propagator but they will also germinate with the use of a heated tray/mat. They can then be potted on into a 9cm pot until they reach a height of 8cm-15cm tall and then finally re-potted into a 3L/4L pot or straight into the ground if there is open soil in your greenhouse/polytunnel.

Shading may be needed to control the temperature in your greenhouse as if temperatures are above 36°C the flowers may drop off and the fruit will not set. It is a good idea to mist the greenhouse twice daily to maintain humidity. Chillies are better watered from the top with a spray bottle but they do not like to be over or under-watered.

Additional information

Packet Size

Approximately 10 Seeds

Scoville Scale

200,000-350,000 units

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