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Cabbage Sunta F1

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This summer cabbage variety boasts a visually appealing, rounded shape with a vibrant green hue. Its flexibility allows for harvesting not only during the summer but also well into the autumn season, making it an attractive and versatile choice for your garden.

Please note, these are pelleted seeds.

Approximately 8-10 Pelleted Seeds

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Useful Information

Sowing & Growing

Prepare the soil at your intended planting site by incorporating ample well-rotted organic matter and thoroughly digging over, ideally a couple of months before sowing. Ensure that the soil is not acidic. For indoor sowing, plant the seeds 12mm deep into a moist, well-drained seed compost. Cover them with a layer of vermiculite and propagate in an environment with a temperature of 20-25°C. Expect germination within 4-7 days. Once germinated, foster their growth in cooler conditions. When the seedlings display 2-3 true leaves, it’s time to transplant them. Acclimatize the seedlings and plant them outdoors after the risk of frost has passed. Alternatively, outdoor sowing is possible from late March for later transplanting. Sow the seeds into a seedbed 13mm deep in rows spaced 25cm apart. After reaching a suitable size for handling, move them to their final position with a spacing of 30cm.

To protect the young crop from bird or insect attacks, cover it with fleece or netting. After planting, water thoroughly, and if desired, feed with a high nitrogen fertilizer. Weed as needed to maintain a healthy growing environment. Harvest the Cabbage heads once they have matured by cutting with a sharp knife close to ground level. Interestingly, a secondary crop of small Cabbages may emerge from the cut surface.

For outdoor sowing, the recommended period is from March to June. Following these comprehensive instructions will help you cultivate robust and fruitful Cabbages in your garden.

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Packet Size

Approximately 8-10 Pelleted Seeds

Please Note

These are pelleted seeds.

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