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Tomato Black Moon F1

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Tomato Black Moon stands out for its exceptional qualities in taste, appearance, and versatility. This remarkable variety not only captivates with its visual appeal but also delights the palate with a complex and savoury flavour profile. Bite into its succulent flesh, and you’ll experience a harmonious blend of sweet and tangy notes, complemented by a subtle hint of smokiness. With a fruit size ranging from 3 to 4 cm and a high sweetness level (brix rating), Black Moon establishes a new benchmark for black-fruited tomatoes. Surprise your taste buds and elevate your culinary creations with this outstanding tomato, perfect for fresh salads, gourmet sandwiches, and elegant dishes.

Approximately 8-10 Seeds

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Sowing & Growing

For greenhouse cultivation, sow between February and March. If opting for outdoor cultivation, sow from March to April. Sow the seeds on the surface of a well-draining and moist seed sowing mix, covering them with a fine layer of compost or vermiculite. Place the seed trays in a propagator with a consistent temperature of around 15-20°C until germination, typically taking 7-14 days.

Once seedlings develop two true leaves, transplant them into individual 7.5cm (3″) pots with compost and grow at a minimum temperature of 15°C. In a heated glasshouse, tomato plants can be transplanted at the end of May or when the first flowers emerge. Allow three plants per growbag or one per 25cm (10″) pot.

Alternatively, plant tomatoes directly into the greenhouse soil. For outdoor growth, wait until the risk of frost has passed and acclimatise the plants over 7-10 days before planting out in early June when they reach 20cm (8″) in height. Choose a sunny, sheltered location with fertile, consistently moist, and well-drained soil. Transplant at a spacing of 60cm (24″) apart, providing support with a (5′) cane for each plant and tying each main stem to its support using soft garden twine.

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Approximately 8-10 Seeds

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